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Sian can easily be distinguished from the rest of the group because she almost always has her tongue sticking out. As a baby she was attacked by the alphamale of her troop, and the scars from her past are easily discernible on top of her head. But this little girl is one tough cookie and she refuses to let her past define her future. Sian wins our award for “Most Improved.” Upon arrival at SIBU she was grouped in with the smaller monkeys that had special needs but she has quickly outgrown that classification. She has become a strong climber, fast eater, and a very independent little howler.

Sian is always eager to improve her climbing, jumping and hanging limits during outdoor play time, often climbing well beyond the reach of her caretakers. Thankfully, she also loves food, so she is easily persuaded to come back down with a mango when play time is over.

We have high hopes that Sian will be an ideal candidate for release when she comes of age.

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