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As you might expect from her name, Trouble is by far the most mischievous, fun-loving howler at SIBU. She is also our star athlete, who enjoys putting on acrobatic displays one might expect to see from a spider monkey! Trouble always has a smile on her face and a light in her eyes that makes us grin.

We do not know much about her past except that she was raised in a hotel setting with people constantly coming and going. This explains why she is so comfortable around humans and seeks out their attention. She is perfectly healthy and happy, however her lack of fear of humans makes releasing her back in to the wild a difficult decision to make. If she seeks out human interaction once freed, her actions might be misinterpreted as aggression by someone who is not familiar with her past. Still too young to be released, the decision will be on the table in a few years.


Every “Adopt a Monkey” donation comes with a digital download of the adoption certificate and print-ready photograph that will be delivered via email once your payment has processed. Please check your email spam folder for this email. Please allow 7-10 days for shipping of the Zoe book.