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Amarula arrived at SIBU Wildlife Sanctuary in February 2018 when he was only around two months old. He was very delicate and fragile looking when he arrived. He was orphaned after his Mom was eaten by a crocodile, presumably whilst she was having a drink from the river, or possibly when a brittle branch snapped when she was crossing over the river.

Amarula adapted well to being fed the baby formula and quickly built up strength which was when his strong personality started to shine. Amarula always wants to play with Maddie who is a bit older than him and the two of them are often smiling and dangling upside down nibbling each others elbows and feet. He is easily jealous, always wanting what Maddie has when she has it. He is a great climber and was quick to explore every branch of the new climbing facility as soon as he entered it.

Amarula loves his food! He will grab and try to eat every leaf available to him!


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