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Symbolically adopt Chiquitin the howler monkey to be a part of his ongoing care and rehabilitation at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary!

Chiquitin was originally found in Gallo Liberia. He was in obvious distress, with a band tight around his wrist that had caused his hand to swell and was preventing him from climbing properly. He was reported to have fallen multiple times from the trees. The team at International Animal Rescue who gave him the emergency care he needed to save his hand from being amputated.

Once in a stable condition Chiquitin was transferred to us at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary for lifetime care. Multiple things indicated that Chiquitin had been a pet from a young age. His nails had been painted gold, and the band around his wrist was a hair tie, wrapped so tightly that it was cutting the flow of blood to his hand.

Sadly, the illegal pet trade is still a huge issue, and these rescued animals are unable to be released back into the wild. Wildlife illegally owned as pets do not have the opportunity to learn essential skills to survive in the wild from their family or troop. They require the correct diet, environment, social enrichment and healthcare. Not only this, but illegal wild pets are often mistreated like Chiquitin, leading to serious injuries and mental trauma.

It is extremely unlikely that Chiquitin would ever have been fed leaves, which should make up the majority of a wild howlers’ diet. For the first two weeks after his arrival at Sibu, Chiquitin was given fresh leaves multiple times a day but would not touch them! This changed when we began to introduce Erica, a juvenile howler, to Chiquitin’s habitat to begin the process of socializing him with others. He took a shine to Erica very quickly, loving the company of the other monkey and following her around his habitat. Baby monkeys learn what they can and can’t eat by watching their moms, hence the phrase ‘monkey see, monkey do’! As soon as Chiquitin saw Erica eating leaves he was quick to copy her.

He is now living in our large central habitat, where he spends his days with disabled female howler, Pippi. As his personality is quite shy and reserved we are cautious to introduce him to any larger males, but Pippi’s gentle energy provides the perfect match for Chiquitin. It is heartwarming to see Chiquitin’s playful side begin to emerge as he becomes more comfortable in his new home. He particularly loves jumping between tire swings and running along the net bridges alongside Pippi!


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