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Erica arrived at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary in January 2020 when she was approximately 9 months old. She was found alone on the ground near Playa Coco with a minor injury on her right hand, possibly from a fall.

Although she was not severely injured, she was too young to survive in the wild on her own. She will be at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary until she is big and strong enough to be released.

Erica has grown up in Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary with 3 other monkeys close to her age: Georgie, Mikey and Lenny. She socializes well with all of them, but shares a particular bond with Mikey, and you can often find them curled up together on a sunny branch. Erica’s sweet face hides a very cheeky side, and she can often be seen dropping from a branch onto another juvenile to surprise them!

Erica has recently graduated with the rest of the juveniles to a more spacious, natural habitat, where she spends her days learning essential skills for her eventual release back into the wild.


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