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In June 2019 Georgie was found on the side of a road near Tamarindo by two veterinary students; cold, wet and with no Mom or troop in sight. After putting a lot of care into making sure she survived through the night, they brought her to Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary for assessment. She had a fissure in her skull and was missing the last few vertebrae in her tail, but was otherwise unharmed.

Since she arrived we have seen her grow in size, in confidence and personality. She acts very boisterous but is a push-over at heart, and will often be taught a lesson by the youngest juvenile, Lenny! She is easy to tell apart from the other monkeys her age due to the unusual white banding on her foot and tail.

Despite missing the main grip section of her tail, Georgie climbs through our habitats with ease, spending her days playing with the other monkeys her age: Erica, Mikey and Lenny. Sometimes she supports herself with her foot when hanging from her tail for extra security. When she is old enough she will be released back into her natural habitat.


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