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Symbolically adopt Gibson the howler monkey to support his life at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary!

Gibson grew up at another rescue center in Costa Rica with a group of young monkeys after being orphaned as an infant. Unfortunately not all monkeys mature at the same rate, and when it came time for his final transition he was reluctant to follow his companions into the tree tops and back into the wild.

It has been observed that young male howler monkeys often develop at a slower rate to their female counterparts (sound familiar?). Alpha howler monkeys have been known to be aggressive to young males to eliminate future competition for the position of alpha. This means mothers are often much more protective over their male babies, in turn making male infants more codependent.

Due to this slower development, there is a possibility that Gibson may require life term care, so the other rescue center transferred him to us. Our hope is that with more space and more time there is still a chance he will be released, however only time will tell.

Gibson for now lives in our large final stage habitat with Jafet and Greyson. He is easily identified by the patches of blond in his fur, thought to be caused by pesticides sprayed on the jungle surrounding farm land.

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