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Hannah was brought to SIBU right before Christmas 2016, at the age of 14 months. She was found in the Nosara area and presumably fell from a very high branch onto a hillside with many rocks. She was covered in mud and even seemed to be dead. It was only after some small movements in her hands that the volunteer who found her realized that she was still alive and called SIBU.

After a check-up at the vet, we were amazed that she had no major injuries, even though she probably had a concussion. After a few weeks receiving the much needed care and nutritional supplements, Hannah was strong enough to be introduced to the other howlers. She now enjoys spending time with the youngsters and can easily be recognized by some of the missing bottom teeth when she smiles.

Hannah is very sweet and playful with all the other howlers. She is very strong and brave and we expect her to make a full recovery. She is expected to be released with Tiano, Pedro and Isaac within 1.5 years.