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Symbolically adopt Jazz the Geoffroy’s spider monkey to be a part of his ongoing care and rehabilitation at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary!

Jazz was transferred to Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary by our friends at the Toucan Rescue Ranch, where he has been a resident since September 2015. Jazz arrived at the Toucan Rescue Ranch as a baby after being confiscated by MINAE from a horrible situation.

Jazz was found in a tiny cage inside a drug house where he was being abused. His captors cut off one of his fingers before he was rescued.

The team at TRR helped him gain his confidence back after what he went through. Without mom, he needed a lot of help and guidance growing up as he learned to walk and eat on his own. He also needed help learning how to deal with the stress and anxieties from his childhood that is still present today. Unfortunately, he struggled to socialize and integrate with the other male spider monkey at Toucan Rescue Ranch and was rejected from their small resident troop, meaning he had to live in a separate, smaller habitat.

Both the team at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary and at Toucan Rescue Ranch are hopeful that his new home in our living jungle habitat can offer him the space he needs to thrive. We are happy to welcome Jazz to the next chapter of his life. Spider monkeys can live up to 40-50 years of age, so Jazz has many happy years here ahead of him!


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