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Lenny arrived at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary in January 2020 after his Mom was electrocuted on a power line. This power line was insulated, but the insulation was insufficient and sadly Lenny’s mother died immediately.

Lenny was relatively uninjured apart from some minor burns, but suffered a long fall from the power line, and was too young to survive in the wild without his Mom.

He was introduced to Georgie when he first arrived at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary, and the pair formed an immediate bond. Although Lenny is the youngest of the juveniles, he is already displaying alpha traits. The other juveniles, Georgie, Erica and Mikey, all know who is boss in their habitat, and Lenny always gets the first pick of the food!
Lenny will stay at Sibu until he is old and independent enough to be released.


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