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Symbolically adopt Lily the howler monkey to be a part of her ongoing care and rehabilitation at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary!

Lily arrived at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary in January 2022 when she was estimated to be only 4 months old. During a routine traffic inspection she was found in a box in the back of a car, frightened and filthy. The traffic police confiscated Lily and took her to a local dog rescue where a kind woman, Barbara, worked hard to find a rehabilitation center with availability for her.

Lily was brought to Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary by MINAE officers to complete her rehabilitation with our youngest howlers, Zuki and Miel. Lily was another victim of the illegal pet trade. She is not afraid of people and would not initially interact with Zuki and Miel – no matter how much Miel tried to play!

As she spends time with the other young howlers she is slowly learning natural monkey behavior. Due to her young age Lily is still a candidate for release. She will live with Zuki and Miel until the three are old enough to be released back into the wild where they belong.


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