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Lizzy arrived at SIBU on February 1st 2017. A local family had found her on the beach, covered in sand. Due to her poor condition, the family contacted Karol, a very kind woman who helps the howlers in her area, who then contacted SIBU.  The monkey was malnourished, dehydrated and extremely lethargic. After receiving medical care Lizzy is already doing so much better. Being estimated at 7 months of age at her arrival, Lizzy still drinks soy-based formula in the morning after which it is time for her to start socializing. Lizzy seemed to be a bit antisocial at times towards other monkeys, but even that is starting to change. She is best friends with Nemo, who she plays a lot with during the day. If she’s not playing with Nemo, you will probably find her eating leaves or pretty much any other type of food, as she loves to eat.