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Maddie was orphaned after her mother was electrocuted on the 3rd of March by power lines when she was only around 4 months old. When she arrived she had a burnt face, hands and all her hair has been singed as she had been on her mother’s back when she got electrocuted. Maddie used to suffer from nightmares and would regularly scream and panic in her sleep, probably caused by the trauma she has been through.

Maddie is now doing much better. Her burn wounds have healed and we rarely hear her having the nightmares she used to suffer from so regularly. She has recently had a new climbing facility built for her and Amarula, the other orphaned monkey cared for by SIBU. The facility allows her to climb nice and high, allowing her to build strength and agility, but has a soft mattress floor for if she makes a mistake and falls.

Maddie is now being fed baby formula regularly throughout the day and she also eats leaves. She particularly enjoys tender leaves.


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