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Marvin was about 5 months old when he came to SIBU Wildlife Sanctuary in October 2018. Marvin had been kept as a pet in Samara, but it is difficult to know exactly what happened to him before this. Both his arm and leg on the left side had been injured, possibly from a fall, causing difficulty when he tried to walk.

We started rehabilitation by encouraging him to walk a little bit a few times a day. The first day he was walking in circles and zig zags, but with daily care and practice he began walking in straight lines and climbing.

Marvin adapted well to SIBU Wildlife Sanctuary after his difficult start, and began playing with the other monkeys his age with growing confidence. He now shares a habitat with Amarula and Pippi, and spends most of his days energetically climbing through the branches in pursuit of Amarula.

Marvin will often give Pippi special attention, and loves to follow her when she walks on the bridges – almost as if he is protectively watching over her!


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