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Miel (Spanish for honey) arrived at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary in January 2021, estimated to be only 2 months old.

As the Guanacaste region heads into dry season and there are less edible leaves available to the howler monkeys, they have to travel longer distances to forage. Unfortunately, in areas of high development such as Tamarindo this results in many cases like Miel’s. His Mom unknowingly used a deadly electrical cable as a bridge between two trees in a rural area outside Tamarindo. She sustained fatal injuries and died during the night, leaving Miel orphaned.

Although Miel was holding on to his Mom at the time, he luckily received no visible injuries. However, with electrocutions sometimes the internal damage does not become evident until much later.

For now, Miel is getting stronger by the day, and is already showing off a larger than life personality! He currently spends his days in our Nursery habitat, learning essential skills like how to climb and explore, and has even started chewing on lettuce.

Miel will stay at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary as he graduates through the step down release program until he is ready to be released.


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