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Mikey arrived at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary in February 2020 after his Mom was electrocuted on a power line. She sadly didn’t survive, leaving Mikey lost, confused and alone.

As we often see in these cases, Mikey was holding on to his Mom’s back at the time and has been left with burns on his hands and feet. But Mikey wasn’t just left with physical injuries. He suffered from depression after the loss of his Mom, and would cry out for her.

Slowly, Mikey began to adapt to his new surroundings, helped by having three other babies his age to interact with; Georgie, Erica and Lenny. Now, he spends his days happily playing with the other juveniles, and has formed a particular bond with Erica, who he will often cuddle up to in the midday sun. Mikey will stay at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary until he is old enough to be released.


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