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Nemo was found on January 16th, 2017 on the SIBU grounds with no mother around. His mother was possibly electrocuted, sick, or might have left him behind when following another troop of monkeys. When he was found Nemo was only estimated to be 6 months old, and still needed milk and the comfort of a mother figure. He is a great climber and loves to eat fresh and tender leaves. He is very strong and brave. Little Nemo enjoys playing tag with Lizzy, who is quite a bit bigger than him. They love playing on the tire swings & jumping off the rope bridges together in the large principle habitat were they have all ‘graduated’ to. Nemo is still being fed soy-based formula in the morning, but after that he is ready to play in the large enclosure with all the other monkeys. Nemo also seems to be socializing really well with the resident monkey troop. We would not be surprised if he was fathered by the current alpha male, since they seem to get along very well. Nemo has already made great strives and we’re optimistic about the possibility of an early release.