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Paddy arrived at SIBU on Valentine’s Day 2017, after being found on the side of the road during the dry season. He was covered with dust and dirt and had puncture wounds all over his head and one of his hands. His nose was broken, he was starving, dehydrated and very traumatized. When Paddy was in the enclosure and a nearby monkey troop would howl, he would hide in the corner of the enclosure. It was only after a period of intensive rehabbing that Paddy would feel more secure and more comfortable around other people and other monkeys. He especially seems to enjoy the company of his big friend Tiano. Paddy is a very shy and sensitive little monkey, but he ventures out of his comfort zone everyday and is starting to act again like the playful youngster that he is. The progress that he’s making now is amazing; he’s starting to smile and play, and purrs when being fed his formula. We’re so proud of his courage and hope that one day soon he will be confident and strong enough to be returned to the jungle.