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Symbolically adopt Pepe the howler monkey to be a part of his ongoing care and rehabilitation at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary!

Pepe is an adult male golden mantled howler monkey, transferred to Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary by another sanctuary in Guanacaste in December 2021.

Pepe had been rescued when he was under 1 year old. He had suffered an electrocution that killed his mom while he was on her back, sending him falling to the ground. There he was attacked by a dog, and sustained further injury including the loss of one eye.

Sadly the sanctuary he grew up in had too many male howlers to be able to give Pepe the space he needed and deserves. He had been living in a habitat shared with two other male howlers, but as they matured the alpha became more dominant and aggressive, eventually attacking Pepe.

Correct social pairings can be an issue for sanctuaries and rescue centers, especially when it comes to males. Once they become sexually mature one will become more dominant and can end up aggressively attacking the more submissive males.

We would like to eventually introduce another howler to Pepe to keep him company with the hope that they will be able to cohabitate and become friends.


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