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When Pippi came to SIBU in December 2018, she was very quiet. A kind couple had found her at night on the ground near Lagarta, with no other monkeys around. She was really quiet and didn’t move around much. When we took her to the vet their first thought was that she has a spinal cord injury. She had a lot of difficulty with her balance and couldn’t really use her back legs. After a while though it became clear that she did have a lot of strength in her whole body, but that it was difficult for her to control her movements; the result of a head injury.

Even though she is being restricted from climbing on the branches, Pippi is anxious to see the world and loves hopping around. She sees the trees and loves to feel the sun on her face. We see progress in her every day!

When eating her afternoon veggies & fruit Pippi doesn’t like to use her hands; she uses her whole body and goes face first into the veggies with full force. Nobody will take veggies from Pippi!

Pippi knows what she wants and her strong willpower is a great asset in her rehabilitation. She will always remain ‘special,’ but after a long period of rehabilitation she might become just ‘normal’ enough to be released!


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