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Symbolically adopt Salva the howler monkey to be a part of his ongoing care and rehabilitation at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary!

Salvatore (or Salva) is an elderly golden mantled howler monkey, rescued by our friends at The Sloth Institute in Manuel Antonio. He was found on the ground, disorientated and weak with a badly infected eye. The team at TSI took him to a specialist in San Jose to have a dead canine tooth removed and his eyes examined. His eye was found to be severely infected and had to be removed, and the one eye that is left is also damaged due to cataracts. This means he is unable to see much, if anything, out of that eye.

Post surgery, Salva’s recovery and aftercare was expertly managed by the team at TSI, but all their enclosures were full of sloths preparing for release so they were unable to provide a permanent home for him. Due to Salva’s extremely limited vision he would not be able to survive in the wild. He would now require lifetime care and a habitat specially adapted for his disability. MINAE approved the transfer of Salva to Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary.

Salva is adapting to his new home at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary in one of our transitional habitats. Due to his extremely limited vision he is more comfortable walking on a flat surface than climbing, so he requires a habitat with a flat, open floorspace. We have also included in this habitat a number of low branches over some soft mattresses, so he can climb safely and is protected from falling while he learns to climb with his disability. Despite his physical limitations he is eager to explore, and loves slowly climbing along his branches!


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