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Tiano was brought to SIBU by staff from ‘Kids Saving the Rainforest’ in November 2016. At that time he was only about 1 year old and seemed very sad and depressed. After a consult with an ophthalmologist Tiano was diagnosed with only having 50% of his eyesight. Tiano decided that that wasn’t going to hold him back, because after some adaptations to his enclosure (some extra security measures) and a lot of nourishment, Tiano is thriving. Tiano turned out to be a very loving and gentle howler; he even welcomed little Paddy, a young howler that had been severely traumatized, wholeheartedly into the group. He loves to cuddle and play with all the youngsters. He almost seems to be their guardian, being slightly bigger and stronger than them. All the other monkeys will go to Tiano for comfort. Tiano will dash you with his pearly white smile.