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Symbolically adopt Zuki the howler monkey to be a part of her journey at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary, through rehabilitation to release!

Zuki arrived at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary when she was approximately 4 months old, in January 2021.

Zuki’s mom was attempting to cross a break in the canopy while foraging for food in nearby Playa Avellana, and used a deadly electrical cable to bridge the gap. Sadly, the resulting electrocution lead to fatal injuries. By the time she had been transported to a veterinary clinic she had died, leaving Zuki orphaned and alone.

Luckily Zuki had not sustained any visible injuries, despite being carried on her Mom’s back at the time of the electrocution, but her hair was singed and she was extremely frightened.

Zuki has been given a second chance at life here at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary, and spends her days playing with her new friend Miel in our Nursery habitat, learning essential social and developmental skills.

Zuki will stay at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary as she graduates through the step down release program until she is ready to be released.

adopt Zuki the howler monkey


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