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Help stop wildlife electrocutions – Many innocent animals die from electrocution every year in Costa Rica. In fact, the majority of animals that need care and rehabilitation at SIBU are injured and/or orphaned as a result of uninsulated transformers and power lines. You can save lives by donating towards the purchase of materials to prevent electrocutions.

Materials Purchased with Wildlife Electrocution Prevention Funds:

  • Ropes – We install large ropes between trees used for feeding, and roads giving arboreal wildlife a safe alternative to using deadly power lines.
  • Plastic Netting – We build monkey bridges out of plastic netting and ropes and install them in areas where monkeys might be tempted to use deadly power lines as an easy route.
  • Tree Trimming Services – Cutting trees away from uninsulated power lines and transformers reduces the likelihood that arboreal wildlife will come in contact with them.
  • ICE Coordination

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