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Lupita is a collared peccary, and also Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary’s longest standing resident. Collared peccaries are named for the strip of lightly colored hair around the neck resembling a collar. They are also known as javelina due to their sharp tusks.

Lupita arrived at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary in 2016 when she was around 7 years old. A woman living in Tamarindo had kept her as a pet from when she was just a baby. Sadly, as she had been domesticated for so many years it will never be safe to release her back into the wild. Peccaries are commonly hunted in Costa Rica and there would be a chance she would not fear a hunter and have the natural instict to flee.

Her personality is definitely the princess of Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary! One of Lupita’s favorite things to do is roll around in fresh sawdust, and she loves snacking on sweet guacimo seeds when they are in season! To keep her stimulated we are constantly working on fun new enrichment ideas for her.

Although Lupita looks sweet she does not make a good pet, as wildlife never should! She still retains many of her wild tendencies and has sharp tusks.

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