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The Raccoon Five were found by a local resident in Matapalo abandoned on a roof top, all consistently crying out for their mom. After waiting for the mom to return with no luck, they were taken to a local vet for a medical examination. Once deemed healthy, we coordinated with local authorities to approve the raccoon kits transfer to us here at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary when they were only approximately 3 weeks old. They will stay with us until they have learnt the essential skills required to survive in the wild.

VOLCÁN. Volcán is the only boy in the litter! Not only this but he is also the biggest, and still growing fast. He loves exploring in their outdoor playground and running fast.

VIOLETA. Despite being the second largest, Violeta is very shy! She has a quiet, calm personality and prefers to stay close to her siblings.

VIENNA. Vienna has an adventurous spirit, and loves exploring in the sunshine. She knows what she wants!

VESPA. The loudest of the raccoon five! Little Vespa takes after her name, sounding like an engine when she cries!

VELVET. The smallest of the litter, but what she lacks in size she makes up for in volume and in her sweet nature.

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  • Abandoned
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