Sad News from Guiones

We are sad to report that two days ago, a monkey was killed by electrocution down in the Guiones area of town. The monkey came into contact with an unshielded transformer and was killed instantly.

As you can see in this picture, monkeys often use the power lines to traverse from tree to tree, which is why it is so important to cover the uninsulated power lines and transformers to protect them from shock. Many monkeys, like the one this week, are killed. Others who survive are often left with severe burns and may lose a hand, arm, leg or tail. If a female with a baby on her back is electrocuted, the infant may also be killed, injured, or may fall from the high line be injured then abandoned and now vulnerable to dog attacks.

It costs about $350 to shield a transformer. Click here to donate to our Stop the Shocks program.

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