Visit Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary

A visit to Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary is not your typical sanctuary tour.


It is an immersive, educational experience and a chance to reconnect with nature in a jungle oasis.



  • IMMERSE yourself in the jungle surrounding Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary, guided by the inspirational female founder
  • DISCOVER the essential plants and trees that create this ecosystem
  • TASTE herbs and spices grown in our on-site vivero
  • LEARN about the wildlife that call Nosara home and the dangers they face due to human encroachment
  • SEE some of the wildlife that require life time care at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary


  • Due to the nature of the tour and the walking distance through the facility we have a minimum age requirement of 5 years for our educational visits.
  • Educational visits are presented in English.
  • All visitors must have been in Costa Rica for 72 hours minimum.
  • Please do not visit the sanctuary if you have any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, loss of taste or smell.
  • Masks must be worn at all times during the tour.
  • There will be a short walk over uneven terrain, up hills and stairs. Please wear appropriate footwear and advise ahead of the tour if any members of the group are disabled.



DONATION PRICE: $60 per person

DURATION: Approximately 2 hours


Tours are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am.

For private tour requests or groups of over 6 people, please contact


Please be aware that we do not permit visitors to touch or handle the sanctuary wildlife.

Our aim at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary is to give the wildlife in our care as natural an environment as possible, and this includes eliminating anything that could cause them stress, like unnecessary human contact.

We support Costa Rica’s #StopAnimalSelfies campaign. The illegal pet trade is still a huge issue worldwide, and many of the animals in our care are survivors of this abusive and deadly industry.