Wildlife Electrocution Prevention

Electrocution is the #1 killer of howler monkeys in Costa Rica.

The goal of Wildlife Electrocution Prevention is to save lives, and prevent unnecessary pain and suffering, by stopping wildlife electrocutions before they happen. 

The Problem

Due to the popularity of tourism and continued development in Costa Rica, the natural habitat of it’s precious wildlife is being destroyed. Compounding this issue, new uninsulated power lines and transformers are being installed every day. When arboreal wildlife come in contact with the uninsulated equipment they are electrocuted, resulting in death, orphaned babies, and/or horrific injures. Electrocution is the number one killer of howlers in Costa Rica. Every year Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary helps monkeys and other wildlife that have been electrocuted due to uninsulated power lines and transformers. In addition to rehabilitating and releasing these animals Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary is also dedicated to preventing injuries and deaths caused by electrocution with through Wildlife Electrocution Prevention.

The Long Term Solution

Petition Icon SMALL -01Changing laws – The long term goal is to make it unlawful for uninsulated deadly power equipment to be installed in Costa Rica. We aim to make wildlife conservation a higher priority for the Costa Rican government.

The Short Term Solution

As you know, changing the laws of a country is not something that happens over night. Meanwhile, there are things we can do now to try to mitigate the injuries and deaths by electrocution.

Insulate transformers Below you will find a map of transformers that are in need of insulation. These are transformers of particular concern because of their location, proximity to trees where howlers forage, or because of the number of howlers and other wildlife they have killed.  Please look at the transformers below, and consider donating the funds to make the equipment safe.

Maps Icons Collection https://mapicons.mapsmarker.com

Insulate power lines – Insulating power lines involves replacing the deadly uninsulated line with insulated lines. This is a major project that only ICE, our local electrical provider, can do. Local residents can contact ICE to request that their power lines be insulated.

Trim trees away from power lines & installing monkey bridges – In some locations monkeys are attempting to use the deadly power lines as a bridge to get across roads or cleared land, or as a short cut to access feeding trees. In this situation, the most time efficient and effective action that can be taken is to pay a local tree trimmer to trim the branches, where the monkeys are accessing the lines, back far enough away that they can no longer reach them. Then monkey rope bridges can be tied between two trees so the monkeys can now safely travel in the same direction.

We are always in need of donations for the materials needed to build the rope bridges. The rope used for building them is green, three strand, polypropylene rope, in 22 mm (1 inch) and 6 mm (1/4 inch). The average bridge length is 20 meters (65.6 feet). The rope can be purchased from the local hardware store.