What We Do


We provide a permanent, spacious home and ongoing care for wildlife that, due to psychological or physical injury, cannot be released back into the wild.


We develop environmental stimuli necessary for optimal psychological and physiological well-being, based on the specific needs of each individual anima.


We work in collaboration with specialists, other organizations and universities to improve and enhance the lives of our handicapped residents.


We promote respect for and appreciation of wildlife as an invaluable and irreplaceable asset to the community and its residents.

Our Mission

Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary’s mission is to provide a permanent, spacious sanctuary and ongoing care for wildlife that, due to psychological or physical injury, it is not possible to release back into the wild.

Physical injury to Costa Rica’s wildlife is most often caused by human encroachment. Deforestation, development and fragmentation of their natural habitat has led to frequent electrocutions on power lines, dog attacks and injury or death due to fast moving motor vehicles.

In order to give the animals that survive but have been handicapped the attention, care and safety they need, our goal is to:

  1. Construct large habitats encasing natural surroundings, designed to meet the specific needs of handicapped residents
  2. Incorporate daily massage and physical therapy when required
  3. Provide visual and auditory stimulation
  4. Develop and research enrichment activities
  5. Form partnerships with Universities and companies that specialize in prosthetics

We are also educators and advocates who work cooperatively with other organizations to rescue injured, orphaned and displaced wildlife when they are unable to, and with Costa Rica’s electric company (ICE) to prevent electrocutions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a safe environment surrounding the sanctuary by preserving large spaces and corridors for the animals to live in and flourish.

Vicki Coan

Sometimes life’s direction chooses you. Founder and executive director Vicki Coan was presented with a life changing experience just 3 short months after moving to Costa Rica in the 1990’s, when a baby howler monkey was placed in her care. She named her Zoe. Twenty years later, she has expanded to creating a 50 acre jungle preserve embracing Sibu Sanctuary.

As the Executive Director, Vicki oversees and participates in all Sibu Sanctuary operations and ensures the sanctuary runs smoothly and efficiently. Caring for primates is not a far stretch from her educational background, having received her degree in Elementary Education with a focus on Early Childhood Development from Slippery Rock University in her home state of Pennsylvania.

Vicki’s love for nature and animals began at a young age. Growing up in the countryside of western Pennsylvania, she was very fortunate to be surrounded by nature, with gardens, farms, orchards, corn fields, and serene forests.


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