Meet the Residents

Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a variety of wildlife! But who are these primates and other animals that call the sanctuary home?



Species: Geoffroy’s Spider Monkey

Arrival at Sibu: February 2022

Challenge: Jazz had a difficult start to life, kept in a tiny cage by drug dealers who abused him, even cutting off one of his fingers. This left him unable to socialize or live with other spider monkeys.

Likes: Blowing kisses! Climbing in his spacious habitat, and playing with Jasmine, his roomie.


Species: Geoffroy’s Spider Monkey

Arrival at Sibu: June 2023

Challenge: Jasmine was reported by concerned citizens, chained to a pole and confined in a backyard.

Likes: Showing off for Jazz and climbing and jumping around her habitat freely with its natural canopy.


Species: Howler Monkey

Arrival at Sibu: June 2023

Challenge: Bongo was found on the ground injured and alone, about one year old. He has a head trauma, probably due to a fall, which has caused him to be unable to walk, and he hops to move from place to place.

Likes: Bongo adores attention, sunbathing in the grass, visiting Jafet and Pippi, and rummaging through his food dish to discover all the yummy fruits, veggies and treats!


Species: Howler Monkey

Arrival at Sibu: Alex, April 2015
Arrival at Sibu: Andrea, December 2019

Challenge: Both Alex and Andrea required life-saving surgery after suffering severe electrical shocks on power lines, resulting in the amputation of two limbs.

Likes: If it’s not nap time, Alexa and Andrea love the freedom to run and jump that their large living jungle habitat gives them, with bridges throughout for safe climbing.

a small howler monkey with a stuffed toy monkey


Species: Howler Monkey

Arrival at Sibu: November 2020

Challenge: Pippi suffers from brain and spinal damage that initially left her unable to walk. Through specialized care and physical therapy, she can now walk but is unable to climb trees. She also has chronic kidney failure and requires daily fluid treatments.

Likes: Happily hopping along the long net bridges in her habitat! Pippi loves how easily she can move on this bouncy surface.


Species: Howler Monkey

Arrival at Sibu: April 2018, Greyson
Arrival at Sibu: May 2021, Gibson and Jafet

Challenge: Gibson, Greyson and Jafet were all orphaned as infants, and were transferred to Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary as they were unable to successfully complete their rehabilitation.

Likes: Playing! They are the cheekiest residents at Sibu and they love to spend their days wrestling while taking time out to cuddle!


Species: Howler Monkey

Arrival at Sibu: December 2021

Challenge: Pepe lost his mother to an electrocution and was torn from her body by a vicious dog, losing an eye in the process. He was then attacked by an aggressive alpha at his first sanctuary home.

Likes: Interacting with the wild monkeys that pass by daily from the safety of his habitat.

geoffrey spider monkey


Species: Geoffroy’s Spider Monkey

Arrival at Sibu: January 2024

Challenge: A 16-year-old spider monkey, Honey was transferred from the Tree of Life Rescue Center in Cahuita. She was sent to us in early 2024 for lifetime care after being kept as a pet.

Likes: Honey loves to dig and search for treasures on the ground. She also enjoys moving around and using the monkey bars. Her name is derived from her light fur, which resembles honey.

geoffory spider monkey


Species: Geoffroy’s Spider Monkey

Arrival at Sibu: January 2024

Challenge: Ginger is a 17-year-old spider monkey who was initially kept as a pet for the first two years of her life. She was then transferred to the Tree of Life Rescue Center in Cahuita, Limon, and now resides at Sibu.

Likes: Ginger loves to explore and is super curious! She is older than Honey, and they share their habitat, with Ginger as the leader of the place. She loves to eat coconuts and especially looks forward to the enrichments we have every day.



Species: Collared Peccary

Arrival at Sibu: July 2016

Challenge: Kept as a domestic pet for over 6 years, Lupita never developed the essential skills needed to be able to survive in the wild.

Likes: Showing off her big teeth as she smiles! And foraging for seasonal seeds in her habitat from the specialized enrichment projects we prepare just for her.


Species: Common Raccoon

Arrival at Sibu: June 2022

Challenge: Scooter contracted a deadly bone infection when only a few week old. Luckily he was able to recover but he doesn’t have the limb strength needed to survive in the wild.

Likes: Splashing through the pools of water in his fun-filled jungle gym habitat, searching for tasty seafood treats!


Species: Variegated Squirrel

Arrival at Sibu: December 2021

Challenge: After suffering head trauma, Stevie slowly began to lose her sight and hearing and is now almost completely blind and deaf.

Likes: Climbing through freshly cut branches unfazed by her disability, finding seasonal nuts, flowers and fruits that are dotted throughout her habitat.

a mexican pocupine hiding inside his den


Species: Mexican Porcupine

Arrival at Sibu: January 2024

Challenge: This porcupine was attacked by another wild animal, leading to his designation as a non-releasable animal due to his calm demeanor and less aggressive nature.

Likes: As a nocturnal animal, Captain Prickles enjoys exploring during the night and exhibits a strong curiosity after 5 p.m. He particularly enjoys eating avocado as part of his daily diet.


Species: Kinkajou

Arrival at Sibu: January 2024

Challenge: Ziggy was transferred from the Tree of Life Rescue Center along with Ginger, Honey, and Captain Prickles. Following an unsuccessful release attempt, he remained at the center as a non-releasable kinkajou.

Likes: Being a nocturnal animal, Ziggy enjoys exploring after 5 p.m. Using his prehensile tail, he delights in jumping from branch to branch, displaying agility and a keen curiosity.



Species: Kinkajou

Arrival at Sibu: February 2024

Challenge: Hello Bird was initially part of the pet trade for the first three years of his life before finding his way to the Macaw Recovery Network. Now, at 28 years old, he has been transferred to Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary for long-term care.

Likes: Hello Bird displays happiness by repeating “Hello” throughout the day and enjoys the company of people. He has a fondness for corn, green almonds, and peanuts.

chester and delilah


Species: White Fronted Parrot and White Lored Parrot

Arrival at Sibu: November 2022

Challenge: Rescued from the illegal pet trade, Chester and Delilah are now learning how to interact with other birds..

Likes: Chester likes to show off, spreading her wings when we have visitors. Delilah can apparently speak Spanish although we haven’t heard her . . . yet!

kiwi and little henry


Species: Orange-Chinned Parakeet and Orange-Fronted Parakeet

Arrival at Sibu: November 2022

Challenge: Kept as domestic pets, Kiwi and Lil’ Henry never developed the essential skills needed to be able to survive in the wild.

Likes: Kiwi is distinctive from the other parakeets due to his broken beak. Lil’ Henry likes to whistle and will dance if you whistle back!


Species: Orange-Chinned Parakeets

Arrival at Sibu: November 2022

Challenge: Kept as a domestic pets, Jerry and Kirby never developed the essential skills needed to be able to survive in the wild.

Likes: Jerry is very confident and likes to be the boss of the habitat! Kirby is very shy and likes to spend most of the day happily nesting in his favorite log.

Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary opens its doors to a variety of wildlife! Please help us support these at-risk residents today.

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