Building Bridges to Protect Our Primates

Every week, howler monkeys in Nosara and surrounding communities are electrocuted on uninsulated power lines and transformers.

As the area continues to develop at such a rapid pace, trees are cut to clear land for buildings and roads, and more uninsulated power lines and transformers are installed. Because the monkeys’ pathways through these trees are destroyed, without these bridges their only alternative is to use the power lines or travel on the ground, where they are subject to dog attacks and vehicular strikes.

Concerned community members and Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary are working together to install monkey bridges in areas known to be a high risk for electrocutions.

Even more bridges are needed to save the monkeys.

Monkey bridges are a way to provide alternative, safe passage across roads and between habitat areas.

Our Build-A-Bridge program was started as a labor of love by a local community member, and has grown over the past 2 years. Please donate to keep this important program growing.

The average cost of material and installation for one bridge is $250. The bridges are assembled at the sanctuary by volunteers.

For more information about the Build-A-Bridge program, contact