Volunteer at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary

Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary’s Volunteer Program

Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary looks for volunteers with a real passion for our project and the work we do, who not only want to help with the daily sanctuary chores but are also motivated to support our mission to prevent the devastating and often fatal wildlife electrocutions on power lines happening daily across Costa Rica. 

If you think you would be a good match for our organization, please fill out and submit the application below!

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Full Time Volunteers

Full-time volunteers typically move to the Nosara area temporarily for the primary purpose of volunteering at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary, and are required to work 5 days a week. We require a minimum commitment of 3 months and welcome candidates who can commit to longer.

Volunteer responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating and implementing enrichment ideas
  • Food preparation
  • Cleaning habitats
  • Putting out fresh leaves
  • Scrubbing soiled blankets
  • Observing behavior
  • Preparing sleeping areas
  • Keeping the sanctuary grounds clean and presentable, including all facilities
  • Working on maintenance projects

Wildlife at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary will spend the rest of their lives here, so researching and developing enrichment projects is a top priority to ensure top quality of life. These can be related to the animals’ food: finding stimulating ways to feed the animals to recreate challenges they might face in the wild. The enrichment projects can also be related to entertainment and mental stimulation; configuring habitats and building toys or objects for the animals to play with, interact with or climb over. All volunteers must have approval from management ahead of building and implementing enrichment projects.

Please note that direct contact with all wildlife is limited. If you are looking for a place to play and cuddle with monkeys, Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary is not the place for you.

We are looking for mature, flexible, open-minded, hardworking volunteers. Preferably 21+ and independent. We need caring individuals that are fine with tedious, dirty work. Working with vulnerable and disabled animals can be hard; mentally and physically. Volunteers need to be eager to work, self-motivated, respectful and most of all: flexible. Volunteers will be working both in team-setting as well as independently. Volunteers will get hot, wet, dirty & tired, but in the end the results of your work will be your reward!

Some level of Spanish is appreciated, but not required. Fluent English is mandatory.

All volunteers need to have an up-to-date tetanus vaccination and international health insurance.

All candidates must provide 2 professional references with their application.


Volunteers who wish to live on-site can stay at the volunteer casita for $600 per month. The casita is a 3 bedroom house with 3 bathrooms, full kitchen, organic green house, hot water showers, and clothes washer/dryer. Volunteers staying over 3 months will no longer need to pay a monthly fee from month 4.

Local Part Time Volunteers

Local part time volunteers are generally people who already live in Nosara area, who can commit to helping at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary at least 2 shifts a week on a set schedule. Duties typically include food preparation, cleaning, habitat maintenance, and greenhouse maintenance, however duties may vary greatly depending on skills, experience, age and interests. If you are interested in volunteering at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary, and you live in the Nosara area and can commit to volunteering 2 shifts a week for at least 2 months, please fill out the volunteer application below.