Adopt a Monkey

By symbolically adopting a monkey you are helping us provide much needed care, including 24-7 access to their favorite freshly gathered leaves, two meals a day of fresh fruit and vegetables, veterinary care, maintenance of their habitat and sanctuary, and a whole lot of love.

We offer 5 donation levels:

  • Bronze $50 | Silver $150 | Gold $250 | Platinum $500 | Diamond $1000

You will receive:

  • A customizable adoption certificate
  • A portrait of your monkey

Once you have selected your adoption package, you will receive a download file with the certificate and portrait, ready to print at home!


You will provide:

Depending on your donation level:

  • 2 weeks – 6 months of daily fresh fruits and vegetables
  • 24-7 access to their favorite gathered leaves
  • Help for the maintenance of their habitat, and habitat upgrades to meet their needs
  • Payment for veterinary care
  • Assistance in the protection of their natural habitat to help mitigate electrocutions due to human encroachment

Select a Monkey To Read His or Her Story

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