New Residents Coming January 2024

It’s the Holiday Season!  Let’s bring joy to new Sibu residents!

In September, Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary received a request from Tree of Life Rescue Center about wildlife in need of new forever homes.

We decided to open our arms and receive them all; however, we need to make important improvements in our habitats to create the best possible environments for them to live and play in for the rest of their lives.

Honey and Ginger the Spider Monkeys, Letty the Howler Monkey, Ziggy the Kinkajou and Captain Prickles the Porcupine all need help this Christmas. 

None of these animals can survive in the wild, so our challenge is to design and build structures that will offer them the stimulation, challenges, and comfort they would find in a natural jungle environment, plus the security they require as non-releasable animals.

We understand exactly how to build these habitats, but we need your help today to cover the $5,000 cost of the labor and materials required.